Tax Returns

Organizing taxation documents and readying those up for filing your returns is definitely not a piece of cake for most individuals. It takes thorough knowledge of the latest tax legislations and an entire gamut of associated formalities needs to be met in the process of filing your personal tax returns. This makes the entire process intricate and time-consuming for an average individual. Why not opt for an efficient and reliable option and transfer all your anxieties by employing us to prepare and file your annual taxes? Our team will prepare tax documents and manage taxation related concerns for an individual or a family. 


While preparing your return, we can also offer you tax planning services. Tax planning varies on a per individual basis. A single tax solution cannot possibly suit every individual. It depends on a variety of factors such as an individual’s income, assets and age. A personal tax service will consider all thes aspects and aids you to arrive at a comprehensive tax planning solution that best suits your requirements and financial position. 


Most of us would rather spend the time required to prepare and submit tax returns doing something more fruitful. Dealing with taxation is a reality of our lives and it should be handled professionally so as to gain maximum advantage out of tax reliefs and allowances. Turning to a professional Enrolled Agent is a wise decision to avoid wastage of time, resources and most importantly your attention. Hand over your taxation concerns to your personal tax service and ensure timely and efficient tax management. 

You should always shop around to make sure you are paying the lowest fees for your tax preparation. We know that you'll find our fees to be the lowest out there. Just give us a call, and we'll give you a free quote right over the phone!


What to Bring

Below is a list of items you should bring to our office so that we can prepare your return quickly and correctly:



Personal Information



Other people who may belong on your return


Earned Income Credit




Employee Information


Education Payments


Retirement Income


IRA Information


Savings and Investments


Itemizing Deductions



Self-Employment Information


Vehicle Information


Rental Income


Other Income


If you were affected by a federally declared disaster